6 Days Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Tour (Via Machame Route)


6 Days Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Tour

6 Days Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Tour, Visit Africa’s highest point, enjoy breathtaking views, explore the stunning high elevation Lakes, forests, and Rivers,  get mesmerized by the varying vegetation zones along the slopes of one of the most outstanding mountains on this 6-day climbing tour.

There are so far 6 established routes for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and they include Machame, Marangu, Shira, Lemosho, Rongai, and Umbwe. The Umbwe, Marangu, and Machame approach Mount Kilimanjaro peak (Uhuru at 5895 meters/or 19,340 feet above sea level) from the south of the mountain while Shira and Lemosho routes approach the peak from the west. These climbing routes except Rongai and Marangu descend via Mweka, from where this trip descent will happen. Climb as you transverse mountainsides, varying vegetation zones, and Glacier foothills, and watch different wildlife species (like forest elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and others). Spend overnights in the mountain huts/Camps.

About the Machame Route

Also referred to as the “Whisky route”, Machame is one of the most outstandingly scenic and popular routes on Mount Kilimanjaro.  It involves transversing through verdant forests, ridges leading through the moorland zones, the Shira Plateau, and glaciated precipices of the Southern Ice fields, before joining the Barafu Route to the summit.

For its Duration, it takes 6 to 7 days while for difficulty levels it is medium. Having arrived at Kilimanjaro International Airport and being transferred to the Hotel (booked on your own account), our guide will provide a briefing on what to expect, pick-up time the next day, and offer assistance with the equipment you need for the climbing adventure.

Brief Itinerary

Drive to Machame Gate, then hike to Machame Camp (1811-3021 meters/5-6 hours).

Hike from Machame Camp to Shira Camp (3021-3839metrs/4-5 hours).

Shira Camp to Lava Tower to Barranco Camp (3839-3986 meters/5-6 hours).

Hike from Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp (3986-4662 meters/6-8 hours).

Barafu Camp to Uhuru Peak to Mweka Camp (4662-5895 meters/5-7 hours)

Hike from Mweka Camp to Mweka Gat, then drive to Moshi (3106-1633 meters/3-4 hours)

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Drive to Machame Gate, then hike to Machame Camp (1811-3021 meters/5-6 hours) |Rainforest

Hop the customized safari vehicle from Moshi and start the 45-minute drive through the Village of Machame to the remarkable Kilimanjaro National Park Gate. Get your climbing permits and prepare your mind, body, and soul for the journey. Start the hike up the beautiful rainforest scenery and windy trails as the Guide provides more information on the flora and fauna along the way. Expect muddy and quite slippery trails at this point, hence gaiters and trekking poles are recommended at this point.

Overnight and meals at Machame Camp.

Day 2: Hike from Machame Camp to Shira Camp (3021-3839metrs/4-5 hours) |Moorland

Having rested well and enjoyed a hot hearty breakfast, begin emerging from the rain forest and proceed on an ascending path, then crossing the verdant valley along a steep rocky ridge. The trail then turns west onto a river gorge until reaching the Shira campsite. Here you will notice that temperatures begin to drop.

Overnight at Shira Camp

Day 3: From Shira Camp to Lava Tower to Barranco Camp (3839-3986 meters/5-6 hours) | Semi-desert

Much as you will end the day at almost the same elevation as when you started, this day is crucial for acclimatization. Departing from Shira Plateau, you will continue east up a ridge, transversing the junction towards the Kibo peak, Afterwards,  proceed South East towards the Lava Tower known as the “Shark’s Tooth” (altitude 4650 meters above sea level). Immediately after the Lava tower, get to a second junction that leads to the Arrow Glacier.

Later continue to descend to overnight at Barranco Camp.

Day 4: Hike from Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp (3986-4662 meters/6-8 hours) |Alpine Desert

Start the morning with breakfast then continue on a steep ridge up to the adventurous Barranco Wall to Karanga Valley and the junction that connects with the Mweka Trail. It is at this point that you will admire the power, agility, and strength of your crew zip over the wall with what appears such ease. Later continue upwards toward Barafu Camp, and on getting there, you will have finalized with the South Circuit that offers a variety of jaw-dropping views of the summit from many different angles.

Overnight and meals at Barafu Camp.

Day 5: Barafu Camp to Uhuru Peak to Mweka Camp (4662-5895 meters/5-7 hours)| glaciers and the snow-capped Uhuru peak

Anxiety and excitement start building with an early start between midnight and 2 a.m. It is the most challenging part of the climb- mentally and physically.

Make your way toward the summit between the Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers while trying to keep warm and focused on the crucial part of the climb. Switch back to a northwesterly direction and start ascending through heavy scree and heading towards Stella Point on the crater rim. At this point, you will start enjoying breathtaking sunrise during your short rest.

Experienced climbers always view the sunrise from the summit. After the rest, leave and continue for another hour on your ascent to Uhuru Peak, you are likely to encounter snow all the way. The moment you have been waiting for is finally here- being at Uhuru peak, the highest point on the African Continent.

Enjoy photography and start the steep descent down to Mweka Camp, stopping at Barafu for hot lunch and short rest.

Overnight Mweka Camp.

Day 6: Hike from Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate, then drive to Moshi (3106-1633 meters/3-4 hours)| Rainforest

Enjoy breakfast, interact with the climbing crew and say goodbye. Continue with the descent down to the Mweka Park Gate to be awarded your summit certificates. The weather is warmer, terrain is wetter, muddy, and steep and Gaiters as well as trekking poles recommended.

Leave Mweka gate and drive back to the hotel in Moshi (about 30 minutes). This marks the end of our 6 days Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Tour.

What’s included on this mountain climbing tour?

  • 5 nights on the mountain slopes.
  • A professional English-speaking driver.
  • Entry fees.
  • Bottled water.
  • Transport by a 4X4 safari vehicle to and from Mweka Camp.
  • Climbing gear (especially ropes, climbing helmet, ice axe, Crampons, climbing harness, tents as well as crevasse rescue equipment, to mention but a few).
  • Relevant Government taxes and levies.

What’s excluded on this Mountain climbing tour?

  • Visa fees.
  • Trips to the porters, Rangers, driver and Hotel staff.
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Laundry fees.
  • Pre and post-safari accommodation in Kilimanjaro.
  • Optional activities not on the itinerary

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