Travel Information for Africa

Travel information for Africa: Africa, the second largest Continent in the World is synonymous with safaris and one of the most favorable weather conditions for undertaking Holidays, relaxation, and creating unforgettable experiences. When you think of Africa, picture breathtaking golden sunsets that silhouette the long necks of giraffes as they pick leaves from acacia trees, the spectacular sweeping savannah plains dotted with different wildlife species, an encounter with our close relatives in the animal Kingdom and some of the friendliest people you have ever met. This extraordinary Continent has a total is 54 countries, each offering something remarkable, outstanding, and different from the other. For this reason, it sometimes becomes difficult to zero down on which safari destination to visit. However, your wildlife experience will determine where your next African safari will be based. If you wish to experience the Great wildebeest migration, you will visit Kenya or Tanzania but if your plan is to meet face-to-face with the mountain gorillas, you will choose Uganda or Rwanda. For visitors looking for unbeaten big five game drives, Kenya and Tanzania are their ultimate safari destinations.

One of the top safari destinations you will visit in Africa is Kenya, a 580367-square-kilometer country in the East African region. This country is popular for its spectacular landscapes as well as sweeping Wildlife Preserves and when you think of this country, picture safari jeeps, beach scenes, and vibrant City life as well as rich cultural experiences. Before you visit this country, make sure to check visa requirements, pack smart, dress appropriately, and respect the local communities. For your safari in Kenya, expect to visit Masai Mara National Reserve, Mount Kenya, Amboseli National Park, Mombasa, Diani Beach, Nairobi, Tsavo East and West National Parks, Samburu National Reserve and many others.

Uganda, christened the “Pearl of Africa” is a land-locked 241038-square-kilometer country known for its raw wilderness areas and rainforests. This country has 10 stunning National Parks with the most popular ones being Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (sheltering almost half the World’s mountain gorillas), Murchison falls National Park (home to the World’s most powerful waterfalls), Queen Elizabeth National Park (home to the magical tree-climbing lions) and Rwenzori Mountains National Park. This country is also known for its friendly people and vibrant City Life in Kampala.

In the heart of Africa is Rwanda, a 26338-square-kilometer country, known for having the cleanest City in Africa and also home to mountain gorillas. This landlocked country is one of the few places in East Africa that offers ultimate luxury, comfort and seclusion. It has only four National Parks but what it offers can’t be experienced in other African countries with many Protected Areas. Rwanda is the best place to experience the canopy walk and it’s provided in Nyungwe Forest National Park. Also, one of the highest concentrations of Albertine Rift endemic birds are sheltered in Rwanda and if you ever wished to get up close with our closest relatives in the animal Kingdom (chimpanzees), you will visit Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest National Park.

East Africa’s largest country-Tanzania is known for its extensive National Parks and untouched Islands and Beaches in Zanzibar. This 947303-square-kilometer Protected Area is the 13th largest country in the African Continent and 31st largest in the whole World. This country’s 22 National Parks cover almost 15% of the entire land area and like Kenya, it is known for the wildebeest migration which usually starts in Serengeti National Park before proceeding to Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. Other unmissable safari destinations in Tanzania are Zanzibar for relaxation, seclusion, and total peace of mind, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park (another home to the tree climbing lions), Gombe National Park (haven to chimpanzees), Nyerere National Park, Ruaha National Park, the vibrant Dar es Salaam City, and many others.

Travel Information for Africa

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