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Questions like “when to visit Africa” are very common among safari enthusiasts, especially first-time travelers. While tourist numbers change between seasons, it is important to note that Africa can be visited all year round. The peak season for African safaris is usually during the dry months (which usually vary from country to country) when vegetation is scarcer and animals converge around remaining watering points hence providing unbeaten wildlife viewing experiences. The wet months usually come with more rain hence offering verdant vegetation as well as amazing birding experiences. It will interest you to know that the heavy rains are the perfect time of the year for seeing the waterfalls especially the Murchison falls in Uganda. Provided is the overview of when to visit East African destinations/countries to help in planning your ideal African safari.


Kenya is open all year round but the ideal time to travel to this magical safari destination is between mid-December and early March as well as from June to October. Long heavy rains are experienced between the months of April and June while short rains are experienced between November and early December. The dry months are usually the climax of the wildebeest migration, as millions of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles arrive in Masai Mara National Reserve from Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. Also, watering points have dried during these months hence animals converge around watering points for this fantabulous wildlife viewing experience.


For the Pearl of Africa, the best time to visit is in the long dry season- May to October or the short one from December to February when vegetation is thinner and watering points have dried in the savannah-dominated National Parks. This means it is easier to sight the animals as they congregate around watering points. These months are also perfect for gorilla treks, chimpanzee tracking, and mountain climbing since forest trails are relatively drier and less slippery. Visiting Uganda in the rainy season- March to May and October to November is possible since rains occur in short and violent bursts.


Rwanda is undeniably in close proximity to the Equator but the high altitudes of Rwanda are the reason for its warm weather in most of the country, although colder in the mountains. The best time to visit Rwanda is during the long dry season-May to October or the short dry season- December to March when forest trails are drier and this makes it less challenging to track the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. However, being the dry season, food is more difficult to find in the forests hence mountain gorillas and chimpanzees retreat further into the forests.


Tanzania is wonderful for year-round safaris hence before planning your dream safari, it is important to consider which experiences or activities you wish to undertake. Wet months- March to May and October to November are the least favorable months for safaris as rains are heavier during these months. The dry months- June to September and December to February are perfect for watching sunsets, experiencing the wildebeest migration, and game viewing.

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