Wildlife Experiences in Kenya & Tanzania

Kenya AND Tanzania are undeniably two of the most quintessential Wildlife viewing destinations in the African Continent. Interestingly, in almost every National Park you visit in these two remarkable East African countries, you will come across lots of wildlife species, and most breathtakingly, these are the only two countries where you can experience the Great wildebeest migration.

For unforgettable wildlife experiences during African safaris, at least seven over ten people will recommend Kenya and Tanzania. We bring you some of the most jaw-dropping wildlife experiences in Kenya and Tanzania and they include;

The great wildebeest migration

Experiencing the great wildebeest migration is one of the unmissable wildlife experiences in Kenya & Tanzania, and this involves over a million wildebeests accompanied by hundreds of thousands of gazelles, zebras and elands crossing between the borders of Serengeti National Park (Tanzania) and Masai Mara National Reserve (Kenya). This migration is annual, whereby these animals move to the Northern grazing grounds that are nourished by rains and fresh pastures. The migration is usually marked by obstacles that include crossing crocodile-infested Mara River, being savaged by lions, leopards or cheetahs and many others.

Spot phenomenal bird species

There are a number of phenomenal birding spots in Kenya and Tanzania that provide unmatched birding experiences and they include Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Ruhondo Island, Serengeti and Ruaha National Parks in Tanzania as well as Lake Nakuru National Park, Lakes Bogoria, Naivasha, Baringo and Elementaita.

Snorkel or scuba dive with the dolphins in Watamu & Mnemba island Reef

You can’t miss out snorkeling or scuba diving with the intelligent and chatty dolphins in the cool Indian Ocean, within their natural habitats and on their remarkable terms. By booking for our snorkeling or scuba diving tours to the shark-free shallow waters, be guaranteed of interacting with these friendly marine creatures. There are about 100 dolphins in Watamu Marine Park & Reserve, as well as over 1000 dolphins in the Mnemba Island Reef, which most interestingly love encountering scuba divers or snorkelers in the waters.

Enjoy aerial views of National Parks via hot air balloon tours

There are nothing more breathtaking than witnessing the big five game (elephants, lions, buffaloes, leopards and Rhinoceros), Masai giraffes, Defassa waterbucks, jackals, wildebeests, Hippos, giant elands, impalas and others in the wild than doing it via hot air balloon tours. These animals can be spotted going about their daily activities.

Going on game drives

Kenya and Tanzania are renowned for their sweeping savannah plains that are dotted with different wildlife species that include elands, zebras, elands, Masai giraffes, Rock hyrax, giant forest hogs, lesser and greater kudus, Aardvarks, Aardwolves, jackals, Topis, bushbucks, warthogs, impalas, cheetahs, lions, Rhinos, hippos, elephants, buffaloes, Kobs, Olive baboons, duikers, wildebeests, Oribis, and many others. You can head North of Tanzania into Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park or south into Ruaha and Nyerere National Parks. For game drives in Kenya, you can head to Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli, Tsavo East and West, National and Ruma National Parks.

Perfect time for enjoying unmatched wildlife experiences in Kenya & Tanzania

The most ideal time to enjoy unmatched wildlife experiences in Kenya & Tanzania is from June to September and December to February. These months are remarkable for game drives within Masai Mara National Reserve, Serengeti National Park, Amboseli or Lake Manyara National Parks as lots of wildlife species concentrate around watering points in addition to being easier/effortless to sight them in the low, sparse and thinned-out vegetation.

If you wish to enjoy the climax of wildebeest migration in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve, these months are the best to make your safari.

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